While highly entertaining, David’s training sessions primarily inform and educate. Growing up with an award-winning first grade teacher as a mother, David makes the complex easy to understand, and fun.

David trains at conference breakout sessions and within organizations. Training sessions are 90 minutes to 3 hours with topics listed below.

Change The World Slide By Slide

Change The World Slide by Slide:
How To Develop, Design and Deliver Slide Presentations Like a Pro
You want to create great Powerpoint-style presentations, but you are not a graphic designer. You want to persuade, inform and entertain your audience with a presentation that changes the world. Or, maybe just your world. You will gain the knowledge to develop, design and deliver powerful slide presentations. Note that this is NOT a seminar about Powerpoint software. It is a seminar about timeless principles of effective visual storytelling to help you soar.

Attendees Will Learn

  • How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
  • Where to Find Great Photography and Illustration
  • Graphic Design 101: Color, Fonts, Backgrounds, Balance
  • How to Use a Confidence Monitor So You Don’t Have to Memorize Your Presentation
  • The Power of Multimedia+ Motion: How To Use Builds, Transitions and VideoDelivery Tools, Techniques and Stagecraft
  • How To Write Memorable Content That People Will Share
  • How To Make Sure Your Presentation Is The Right Length of Time

Note: This Training Seminar is also available for purchase on DVD or online viewing. To purchase, visit here.


Build­ing Your Plat­form as a Thought Leader To Attract Clients That Value Your 
How do you consistently attract and retain great clients? How do you position yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry? By building Brand You. Most of us think of a brand as a product (Apple) or a service (Zappos), but savvy professionals think of themselves as a brand. An authentic personal brand is the epicenter from which all your marketing activity should reverberate. The benefit of establishing your personal brand is a steady flow of exciting and meaningful projects. If you want to attract great clients that value your brilliance, plan on attending.

Attendees Will  Learn
•   To dis­cover your core bril­liance (your focused area of exper­tise)
•   How to move your tar­get audi­ence from get­ting to know to like to trust you
•   An armor pierc­ing method for self-introductions (your ele­va­tor speech)
•   How to share con­tent that is use­ful and posi­tions you as an expert
•   How to build your influ­ence through effi­cient use of social media


Become a Creative Superhero:
How To Boost Your Creative Output

We are entering The Conceptual Age where creativity is the new currency. Creative ideas are essential. But creative ideas don’t just magically appear like superheroes. Even if you consider yourself creative, you can learn to boost your creative output. Drawing upon lessons learned from archetypal superheroes, you will refine your own creative process to generate breakthrough ideas and “leap tall buildings in a single bound.” You will put theory into action by designing a superhero supersuit (no drawing skills necessary).

Attendees Will Learn

  • Why right brainers will rule the future
  • To improve your creative process
  • To increase your creative output
  • Importance of ritual
  • Creative catalysts and overcoming creative kryptonite (blocks)
  • Individual and Group Brainstorming techniques
  • How to deliver ideas that get approved

Photos from recent How To Become a Creative Superhero training session. Click here for more.

Two Creative Superheroes

Creative Superhero Group


Emotion Hidden in a Trojan Horse

The Power of Story to Win Hearts and Wallets

Professionals that thrive embrace the power of narrative to win new business and attract great talent. You need to clearly and succinctly tell your firm’s story when talking with prospective teaming partners, clients and employee recruits. Story creates an emotional connection with potential clients that will separate your firm from the herd. Harnessing the power of story in your projects, interviews, biographies and web sites is essential to winning new work.

Attendees Will Learn

  • What is Story, and why does it work as a persuasive tool
  • To Move your listener’s hearts, and their feet and wallet will follow
  • The essential structure of a compelling story
  • The fundamentals of good story telling – delivery is a learned process
  • The 3 stories you must tell masterfully


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