Creative Superhero

Become a Creative Superhero: How To Boost Your Creative Output for Marketing and Business Development

Creative SuperheroThe biggest problem for Professional Services Firms is being perceived as a commodity. Creativity is the antidote to commoditization. Creativity matters now more than ever. Using well-known Superhero archetypes, and captivating stories, David shares a process to boost your idea generation and idea pitching effectiveness.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to create a personal process to generate big ideas
  • Understand how to best pitch ideas (even in a creative-unfriendly environment)
  • Overcome creative blocks, aka creative kryptonite
  • Trust the subconscious: why your best ideas arrive in the shower
  • Write a Creative Brief that is equally effective for internal marketing projects or when hiring an external agency

Best For

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Anyone that needs to generate and sell great ideas
  • Thought Leaders that want to stand out in a crowded marketplace

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“Thanks so much for your presentation. Your content and presentation delivery was a master class. I was completely blown away by how much absolutely applicable information you packed in keynote that didn’t feel rushed at all. The pacing and diversity (video, audio, hand drawings, cartoons, simple bold text, focused quotes…..) of info was beyond impressive. Your “Becoming a Creative Superhero” presentation is a sort of CliffsNotes to getting back on track in case students get stuck on a design problem. Most importantly you shared with these young designers an easy to follow, replicable road map on how to actually structure and test their design solutions. I took 3 pages of notes myself.
–Kevin deFreitas, New School of Architecture + Design

“Our members very much enjoyed the presentation and found the program to be inspirational and motivating, as well as highly entertaining. You shared with us some great information and ideas for helping our firms to improve their approach and gave us each the ability to break out our Superhero cape, or underwear, as we embark on our day to day jobs. You left us pumped up and ready to tackle what may come with a new and improved attitude. Thanks again for speaking to us. I look forward to working with you again in the future.” –Jodie Day, President, SMPS Sacramento