Core Brilliance Marketing

How to Fight Commoditization to Win New Business, Boost Profits, and Build Purpose

Core Brilliance MarketingThe biggest marketing challenge confronting professional services firms is commoditization. Clients think we’re all the same, so we have to endure cattle call RFPs and competing on price. There is a better way to stand out in this noisy world.

The Big Idea
The antidote to commoditization is Core Brilliance Marketing. David Lecours summarizes this as “choosing a narrow focus which builds brilliance, then sharing that brilliance with the power of story.” Core Brilliance Marketing isn’t easy, so few firms stick with it. Which is exactly why it’s an opportunity to stand out.

You’ll  Learn
•   Why Core Brilliance Marketing attracts clients and talent with loyalty beyond reason
•   How to transform from being perceived as a commodity to being a category of one
•   How a narrow focus boosts profits
•   How building and sharing your brilliance develops mastery
•   How to harness the power of story to win new business

Video Clip

This Speech Connects Most With
•   Owners & Principals of professional and creative services firms
•   CEOs, CMOs & Marketing Directors of professional and creative services firms

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