Brand You

Building Your Platform as a Thought Leader To Attract Clients That Value Your Brilliance

Brand YouPeople buy from people they know. So how do you get known in a crowded marketplace? By building “Brand You” as a thought leader among your target audience. David Lecours shares how to position and promote yourself to attract clients and followers that value your brilliance. A terrific speech to inspire yourself, or those in your organization, to leverage Thought Leadership as a tool for winning new business.

You’ll  Learn
•   To discover your core brilliance (your focused area of expertise)
•   How to move your target audience from getting to know to like to trust you
•   An armor piercing method for self-introductions (your elevator speech)
•   How to share content that is useful and positions you as an expert
•   How to build your influence through efficient use of social media

This Speech Connects Most With
•   Technical professionals also responsible for business development
•   Principals and owners of professional services firms
•   Marketing and business development professionals
•   Anyone looking to stand out in a noisy world

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“Seriously, you and your presentation were AWESOME – and that’s not just because you quoted me, quoting Gretsky! I had a few conversations about your presentation last night, one of which with a friend that I’ve been collaborating with on a new business scheme. He was super impressed and inspired. We all were. I’m going to get out there and fail at something.” –Leslee Schaffer, Executive Director, San Diego Architectural Foundation

David Lecours is an outstanding speaker who we recently engaged to present at one of our Business of the Arts seminars. David was recommended to me by my colleague Dana Springs at the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture who had heard him speak at another event. David delivered an impactful presentation cleverly called, “Brand You” which enabled the audience to understand more deeply the value of creating their own personal marketing brand. His presentation was accessible, informative and complete with visuals that gave added impact. –Felicia Shaw, The San Diego Foundation