David Lecours speaks to professional services audiences about marketing, branding, and creativity.

David Lecours speaking at TEDx America's Finest City


Core Brilliance MarketingBusiness Development– Core Brilliance Marketing
Professional Services firms must fight the perception of being a commodity. Core Brilliance Marketing is the antidote, and defined by David as “choosing a narrow focus, sharing your brilliance, with the power of story.” Core Brilliance attracts clients and talent with loyalty beyond reason. You can build purpose, and boost profits, by cultivating a Core Brilliance Marketing.

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Brand You

Personal BrandingBrand You: Unlocking Your Core Brilliance and Building Your Platform a Thought Leader
People buy from people they know. So how do you get known in a crowded marketplace? By building “Brand You” as a Thought Leader among your target audience. David Lecours shares how to position and promote yourself to attract clients and followers that value your brilliance. A terrific speech to inspire yourself, or those in your organization, to leverage Content Marketing as a tool for winning new business.

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Creative Superhero

Creativity – Becoming a Creative Superhero
Focused creativity will separate your firm from the masses. Creativity matters now more than ever for Professional Services firms to attract great clients and talent. Using well known Superhero archetypes, and captivating stories, David shares a process to boost your idea generation and idea pitching success.

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