Pre-Speech Research Questions

 What is your organization/event/conference purpose?
 What organizations/events/conferences are like yours? (Who are your competitors?)
 What are the hot issues for the audience?
 How would you describe this event?
 What does the audience hope to gain from David’s speech?
 How will you know if David has done a good job?
 How many people will attend?
 What type of people will be attending?
 Are there any cultural or recent organization issues David needs to know?
 What kind of dress is appropriate for David?
 When, exactly, will David go on stage and how much time will David have?
 What takes place immediately before and after David’s presentation?
 Who will introduce David? Here is a short introduction for David.
 Who is the contact person and their mobile phone number for the day of the event?
 What is the room and stage set-up? (See recommendations below)
 What kind of audio/visual/lighting setup will you have? (See recommendations below)
 Do you have everything you need from David to promote your event? Promotional material, photos, bio, are located here.

Room Setup & AV Recommendations

Room Setup for David Lecours

David Lecours requests a wireless lavaliere or headset microphone for audiences greater than 30. This mic should be pre-checked for high quality sound. An elevated stage is necessary for audiences of 30 or more. The room should be setup theater style (chairs in rows), not spread out among circular tables. The first row of chairs should be placed as close as possible to the stage.

David will supply:
• Mac laptop computer running Keynote
• VGA adapter and wireless slide advancer.

Venue to supply:
• projection screen
• wireless lavaliere or headset microphone
• professional digital projector
• VGA Cable
• audio cable (standard headphone mini jack) to connect to laptop
• speakers and sound system to amplify audio from laptop

David’s laptop will be placed as a confidence monitor on a chair or small table about 10–15 feet from the front of the stage amidst the audience. This may require extra long VGA and audio cables to reach digital projector. Please remove, or move Lectern to a back corner of the stage. A bottle or glass of room temperature water is requested. Keep the house lights fully lit.

Download Room Setup & AV Recommendations PDF

How To Introduce David

Creative Superhero
David Lecours is Creative Director at LecoursDesign, a brand strategy firm serving Professional Service Firms. Commoditization is the kryptonite of our industry. Creativity is the antidote. David believes ___________ (type of audience) are already heroes. Today, he’s going to share advice on becoming a Creative Superhero. David Lecours…..Becoming a Creative Superhero.

Core Brilliance Marketing
As Creative Director at LecoursDesign, David Lecours is on a mission to help ___________ (type of audience) fight commoditization. David believes the antidote to commoditization is Core Brilliance Marketing.  David Lecours…..Core Brilliance Marketing.

Brand You
As Creative Director at LecoursDesign, a brand strategy firm serving professional services firms, David Lecours has been building brands since 1995. Today, David will share how to build the most important brand on the planet, Brand You. David Lecours…Brand You.