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“I see that you are scheduled to speak at the 2014 SMPS Pacific Conference. I look forward to meeting you again. I too have been selected to speak and, believe or not, I have you to thank. Long story short…I attended your Change the World Slide by Slide presentation at last year’s SMPS and it inspired me. Not only did I want to provide better communication options for our firm, but I wanted to start presenting and public speaking myself. After seeing you ‘in action’ I thought to myself – I can do this and I’m going to be here next year! And here we are!” –Philip Chan, Marketing & Communications Manager at Buckland & Taylor Ltd.

“Thanks so much for your presentation. Your content and presentation delivery was a master class. I was completely blown away by how much absolutely applicable information you packed in a 30 minute presentation that didn’t feel rushed at all. The pacing and diversity (video, audio, hand drawings, cartoons, simple bold text, focused quotes…..) of info was beyond impressive. Your “Becoming a Creative Superhero” presentation is a sort of CliffsNotes to getting back on track in case students get stuck on a design problem. Most importantly you shared with these young designers an easy to follow, replicable road map on how to actually structure and test their design solutions. I took 3 pages of notes myself. –Kevin deFreitas, New School of Architecture + Design

“Our members very much enjoyed the presentation and found the program to be inspirational and motivating, as well as highly entertaining. You shared with us some great information and ideas for helping our firms to improve their approach and gave us each the ability to break out our Superhero cape, or underwear, as we embark on our day to day jobs. You left us pumped up and ready to tackle what may come with a new and improved attitude. Thanks again for speaking to us. I look forward to working with you again in the future.” –Jodie Day, President, SMPS Sacramento

“Seriously, you and your presentation were AWESOME – and that’s not just because you quoted me, quoting Gretsky! I had a few conversations about your presentation last night, one of which with a friend that I’ve been collaborating with on a new business scheme. He was super impressed and inspired. We all were. I’m going to get out there and fail at something.” –Leslee Schaffer, Executive Director, San Diego Architectural Foundation

“Thank you for a phenomenal presentation. Clear, Crisp & Engaging. It gave me, I kid you not, goosebumps. The audience really liked it too. I received lots of positive feedback.” –John Bertsch, U.S. Green Building Council, San Diego Chapter

“Your talk was compelling and inspiring–exactly what we needed in these tough economic times. Thank you for your careful preparation. I came away from your presentation with a renewed excitement for branding.” –Kamala Kuresman, Nolte

“I just wanted to thank you for your time and for your presentation at New School of Architecture and Design. Not only was your presentation brilliant and inspiring, but it has already impacted and help me-and everyone else- with our own presentation in front of the members of the Sudanese community. We tried to be engaging, enthusiastic and integrate our personal stories into the presentation.” –Farshad Mehrabi, New School of Architecture + Design

“It was refreshing to hear you speak. I am happy that our paths crossed. I have spoken so much to co-workers and friends about your presentation. In fact, your work inspired me to become a volunteer for the Chapter. Truly, I left that night a different professional in the sense of branding myself and I owe you the thanks.” –Curtlin J. Johnson, MBA, Parsons